Expatriate Health Insurance

When you are living abroad for any period of time, having expatriate travel insurance that offers insurance coverage for a variety of medical services is the best way to protect yourself and your family. We offer plans from some of the top rated insurance companies available, giving you the ability to compare and select the best option for you.  Our experienced and highly qualified team of insurance professionals stands behind each plan that we sell, and are ready to assist you in getting the expatriate travel insurance plan that fits your budget and your coverage needs.

Worldwide Expat Health Insurance (home country included)
Overseas Expat Medical Insurance (limited home country cover)

Expatriate Medical Insurance

When medical care is required outside of your home country, the costs can be very high for the uninsured.  Expatriate travel insurance provides coverage for those unexpected medical expenses for travelers to the US, Canada and Europe.  Most plans cover inpatient hospital costs, outpatient doctor visits, and surgery and prescription drugs. 
Our site provides information on many different expatriate insurance plans, allowing visitors to compare plan benefits, exclusions and premiums.  We can also assist you with finding the best plan for your needs.

For additional information about expatriate health insurance, please visit our FAQ and the US Department of Health.

Insurance Resources

Travelers to Europe and those seeking a Schengen Visa can purchase an appropriate plan at schengenvisainsurance.com and download the coverage letter required by the by the consulates and embassies.

US tourists can obtain good value visitors health insurance at www.ivisitorinsurance.com to cover travel medical expenses incurred during overseas trips.

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