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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

For many people, there is no greater duty in life than to take the message of their religion to another country and share the thoughts that bring joy to them with a new audience. Devoting your life to missionary work in foreign countries means putting your message ahead of material interests. But even though making money is not at the top of mind for missionaries, that does not mean they do not still have financial responsibilities to protect. One way to protect yourself financially while living abroad on a mission is with expatriate group insurance.

Missionaries are as susceptible to illness and injury as any other traveler. In fact, perhaps more so, as their mission often takes them to underdeveloped countries where the quality of water and air are low and communicable diseases more prevalent. And missionaries do not make much money, so paying for medical coverage is not an easy task if there is no insurance coverage to reduce the costs.

With an expatriate group insurance plan, a group of missionaries can band together to get a lower individual rate. This is similar to an employer offering group health coverage to their employees at a cheaper rate than they could purchase individually. Buying insurance in bulk allows for tremendous cost savings, and this type of insurance is especially helpful to church members.

Church groups may have very limited financial means to begin with, so being able to reduce the costs of a necessary expense is quite helpful. In fact, this type of insurance saves missionaries money in two ways; by buying as a group, they save in comparison to what they would pay individually, and if they need to use the coverage, they will save in relation to what they would pay for health care with no insurance coverage. It is the type of small investment that is perfectly suited for these groups.

Living abroad as an expatriate is a very involved and detailed experience. It is important to keep legal documentation in order to ensure you are legally cleared to work in the country you are residing in, and you will also want to have proper travel documentation in line as well. Having appropriate health insurance coverage is also a priority, because if you become injured or ill you want to keep your medical bills as affordable as possible. One essential investment you should never overlook is expatriate life insurance.

Expatriate life insurance represents the safest investment available in terms of making certain that if something happens to you and your income is no longer available to your family, they will still be able to keep up with monthly expenses. Since you can determine the exact amount of coverage you need, you can research your family’s ongoing expenses and make certain that your life insurance policy will cover all of them. Additionally, since these plans do not fluctuate like so many other investment options, you know that the amount you purchased on the policy’s first day is the same amount that will be available if something tragic happens to you.

When you think of life insurance, you typically think of a policy that will help pay for car payments, mortgage payments, and other recurring bills. But as an expat, there are other expenses you may not immediately think of. Things like repatriation of remains (in the event that you wish to be buried in your homeland) can be quite expensive. But with a life insurance plan, you can build those additional expenses into the total value of the policy.

For expatriates looking to protect the financial interests of their family in the event that something happens to them, a life insurance plan designed for expats makes for a wise investment. Not only can these plans cover “standard” expenses, but they can also be tailored to help cover the cost of expat-specific fees like repatriation of remains. Do not let your family worry about finances while grieving for their loss; make sure they are protected with your expat plan.

Expatriate travel insurance is an important investment for anyone moving abroad. And for such an important investment, it is important to make sure you get enough coverage, and do not simply choose the cheapest option available. At the same time, everyone wants to get the best possible value on their purchase, which is why you should consider shopping online.

One reason why it is a good idea to shop online for expatriate travel insurance is that it allows you to comparison shop to get the best combination of the features you need at a low price. Most providers will publish plan details and prices on their web sites, making it easy for you to compare different plans from different insurers. And if a plan is not available on a company's site, they will usually be happy to provide an online quote via e-mail.

Another reason that buying online is wise is that doing so allows you to research the opinions of impartial customers who have experience with the policies. In today's web environment, there are more avenues than ever in which customers can share opinions on their experiences with products and services, and insurance is no exception. Use these resources to find out if a company offers good customer service, if they process claims quickly, and if they honor the original terms and conditions of their plans. This can help you avoid a bad experience.

Buying online can help you save money and headaches. Using the wealth of information, both from insurers themselves and from independent consumers just like you can help you make the right decision. Investing a little extra time upfront to leverage the internet to your advantage really pays off.

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