• Expatriate Health Insurance Blog

  • Monday, February 19, 2018

There are many aspects of expatriate health insurance that are not known to the general public. Here are the most common questions related to this type of insurance:
• Is expatriate health insurance an international insurance plan? Yes. It is an international insurance plan because it provides cover internationally.
• Can anyone buy expatriate insurance? No. Only the persons who live outside their country of residence.
• Can companies buy expatriate insurance? Yes. Companies, families and groups can get this type of coverage. It is even advisable for companies to insure their employees when they travel to, live in or work in other countries.
• Is travel insurance better than expatriate insurance? No. Travel covers only the travelling risks of an expatriate and not the risks of living and working in another country.
• Are there any age restrictions for expatriate insurance plans? Yes but they are not the same for all insurance providers. For most, the maximum age is 65.
• Do expatriate insurance plans have deductibles? Yes. It is the minimum amount that you agree to pay before making an actual claim. It is used to eliminate small claims by the insurer or to reduce monthly premiums for the insured.
Expatriate health insurance plans are among the most flexible and versatile types of insurance products. They can vary depending on insurance provider, policyholder, and from country to country as far as terms, conditions, and coverage. It is an insurance product with a number of variables that must be considered before buying one. It can cover health risks in a very comprehensible manner, but it needs to be properly tailored to serve the particular needs of each individual or group.


Q: I’m planning on living overseas for at least a year. What kind of insurance plan should I have?

A: Expat international insurance is perfect for those who are planning to be outside of the US for at least a year. The plans typically offer more coverage than short term plans, and can include benefits for pregnancy and pre-existing conditions.

Q: I’m currently living overseas temporarily, but I want to make sure that my health insurance will protect me when I return home to visit. Should I stick with the plan that I have in the US?

A: This is one of the most common expat health insurance questions that many overseas travelers have. Those who are living overseas often aren’t covered by the plan that they have in their home country. With expat health insurance, however, travelers are covered while they are out of the US, and when they return home for short visits.