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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Add Trip Cancellation Coverage to Your Expat Travel Insurance for Total Protection

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If you live and work overseas, you probably already know that expatriate travel insurance is a very powerful asset to have on your side. It offers protection in a number of different scenarios, assuring you of first class medical coverage at an affordable rate in locations around the world. These plans also come in handy for medical evacuations, procedures which can be quite expensive. But to get the total protection available, make sure you add trip cancellation coverage.

If you have traveled recently, then you are probably well aware of the difficulties airlines are having with on-time arrivals and departures. It seems even short flights between nearby destinations are falling victim to delays and even cancellations. From mechanical problems to weather-related issues to problems that are never quite explained by the airlines, there are more and more instances of flight delays occurring.

In the best of scenarios, these delays are a minor inconvenience. But in more serious circumstances, these delays can be quite costly. For example, if you are traveling internationally and relying on a connecting flight, one simple delay could destroy your travel plans. Missing a connection could cause you to miss hotel check in, business meetings, events you had tickets for, and other things which have a monetary value attached to them.

By adding trip cancellation coverage to your expat travel insurance plan, you can protect yourself financially in these instances. You will be reimbursed for any lost investment and any new costs incurred because of flight delays, interruptions, or cancellations. so while you do not have the power to prevent a delay, you can plan for them and minimize their impact.

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