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  • Sunday, February 18, 2018

An investment in expatriate travel insurance is a wise purchase for anyone heading abroad to live or work. It offers expatriates the ability to obtain high quality medical care at affordable rates, allowing you to visit the doctor or hospital in times of illness or injury without worrying about being handed an expensive bill as you leave. But are you getting total protection out of your plan? To be covered in every potential travel mishap scenario, you need to add trip cancellation coverage to your travel plan.

When delays, flight cancellations, and missed connections occur, you the consumer are quite often the one who ends up paying the price, even if it was not your fault. Many airlines strict policies against issuing refunds or credits leaves passengers in a tough spot even when delays are caused by weather or mechanical problems. And paying for a new flight, booking another night at a hotel, and losing investment in any events you may have already bought tickets to can be extremely expensive.

Conversely, there are also times when a missed flight could be your fault. You may schedule a business trip that a client cancels at the last minute, or you may have an unavoidable personal emergency that makes it unrealistic for you to leave. Once again, cancelling your flight and anything else you have booked can be a very expensive proposition.

Trip cancellation insurance was designed with these scenarios in mind. If a connection is missed or a flight is delayed or cancelled, you can obtain reimbursement for your lost investment. This is true whether the delay or cancellation is your fault or the airlines. Think of how much this could save you! It can be added to your existing expatriate travel insurance policy for a low price, offering you robust travel protection on everything from medical needs to airline troubles to lost baggage.

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