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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

Living as an expatriate is a unique experience, and part of that can sometimes entail living in dangerous or uncomfortable situations. When danger emerges in the country you are living or working in, you may wish to return to your native country until things have smoothed over. Of course while you are doing so, you will need to make sure that you have access to medical care in case you become ill or injured. Expatriate travel insurance offers protection in that type of situation, which is extremely useful to expatriates in Egypt right now.

The situation in Egypt currently is one that an expatriate may not feel comfortable living in. As political strife engulfs the country, protests could easily turn into conflict. And no expatriate wants to get caught in the crossfire of a violent political struggle. Temporarily leaving the country for a few weeks or a few months until things have stabilized may be a very attractive option to these expats.

But if you are living in Egypt full-time and then travel to another country, you may not be eligible for medical coverage in that destination. So if you become ill or injured, you will have to pay the full costs of medical care out of your own pocket. That can be a very expensive problem.

With an expatriate travel insurance program, you can exit the country and still retain your medical coverage. They cover hospitalization, emergency costs, and many other fees associated with medical care. Additionally, you can enjoy trip cancellation coverage, medical evacuation, trip interruption, and other features which make these plans valuable year-round.

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