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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

What would your family do if you perished tomorrow? How would they pay their bills without your income? How would they afford the costs of taking care of your remains? Could they afford to continue the lifestyle they've grown accustomed to? These may be uncomfortable questions to answer, or even to think about, but the truth is if you have a family then you need to have answers to these types of questions. And if you are living abroad, the need to have these questions answered is even greater because of additional expenses and complications. For that reason, you should strongly consider expatriate life insurance.

Without your income, your family may have a difficult time affording their monthly expenses. Everything from mortgage payments to utility payments becomes a greater burden, unless you have planned properly. And planning properly begins with life insurance. For people who are living abroad permanently or working abroad for an extended period of time, a special policy exists called expatriate life insurance.

Being an expatriate provides a unique set of financial obstacles for those you leave behind. For instance, paying to have your remains repatriated to your home country can be quite expensive. And there may be expenses associated with your living arrangements overseas that need to be settled as well. Many families do not have that kind of extra money sitting around.,

These expenses, as well as everyday costs, can be managed with an expat policy. You can calculate the total sum your family needs to pay off bills and manage financially moving forward, and then purchase that amount of insurance. The amount purchased is the same amount your beneficiaries receive upon your death, so you do not need to worry about fluctuation or depreciation of value. Hopefully nothing happens to you while living abroad, but if it does, don't you want to know the people you love are protected?

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