• Expatriate Health Insurance Blog

  • Monday, February 19, 2018

Are you heading abroad to begin an exciting career in a new country? Or perhaps you are relocating for personal reasons, simply looking to grow personally by experiencing a new culture and a new environment. Whatever the driving force behind your decision to become an expatriate, you will definitely need expatriate health insurance. Here are some factors you will need to consider when making this important purchase.

One important factor to consider is how often you will be returning to your former home country. Will you be shuttling back and forth frequently between your old and new countries? Or will you be limiting return trips to holidays or other special occasions? There are different types of plans available for expatriates based on this factor, so getting the right plan is critical to making certain you have the coverage you need.

Next, consider how much coverage you want for your plan. Do you have another plan that is being provided by an employer, so you need less from this plan? Or do you need as much as possible from this plan as it is your sole source of insurance. These are important questions to ask. Keep in mind that the more coverage you purchase, the more your policy will cost. However, do not let that fact inspire you to take a cheap approach to buying coverage, as you may wind up with less than you need.

Finally, other factors you will need to decide that will affect your policy type and cost include your age, your citizenship status, how long you want coverage for and what sort of deductible you are willing to pay. Once again, these factors do influence the cost of your policy, but you should not let them steer you towards buying the cheapest available expatriate health insurance. Doing so could leave you with inadequate coverage, costing you much more down the road than you would have paid initially.

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