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  • Sunday, February 18, 2018

Doing work abroad is a top priority for many churches. It reinforces their values of working to serve those in need, and it also allows them to spread the messages of their religion to new audiences. If you are a member of a church missionary group planning to spend a long time abroad, you should explore the benefits of expatriate group insurance.

Some churches opt to send their members abroad for a short period of time, such as a week or two. They may be helping clean up an area after a disaster. But others have members who plan to spend longer periods of time abroad. For instance, they may plan on building a school and helping to teach at it.

For those volunteers, expatriate group insurance makes perfect sense. It allows all members of the group access to affordable health care. So if a accident or other injury occurs, or illness befalls members of the group, there is an affordable way to deliver treatment to all.

A group insurance plan works the same way in this instance as it does at your place o employment. Because a group of people get together and offer an insurance provider a larger customer base, the provider is willing to lower the per-person price they charge for the policies. So church group members can get a lower individual rate than they would on their own, while still getting a great insurance plan.

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