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  • Saturday, January 20, 2018

Are you part of an organization that sends members overseas for a period of time? If so, what are you doing to ensure that not only is their health protected, but their financial well-being is as well? Without the right insurance, even a simple injury or illness could lead to serious financial repercussions. But with the right insurance, such as an expat group insurance plan, you can offer them superior protection. When should your organization consider this type of insurance?

Churches sending missionaries overseas will often find that expat group insurance plans are wise investments. Missions frequently take place in areas where there is elevated potential for danger as well as heightened risk of illness. With this type of insurance, individual missionaries will be able to get the treatment they need at an affordable rate. And the premium they pay for the policy will be much lower than if they purchased a plan on their own.

Of course nonprofits are not the only types of groups that can benefit. Overseas expansion continues to be a goal for many businesses. As such, they may send employees overseas to establish a new office. Or they may send them abroad for training purposes, or to develop relationships with potential clients. These trips may last several months, making it critical to have insurance since anything can happen during that long of a time frame.

Basically, if you have a group of employees, colleagues, or group members that will be heading overseas for work, missions, training, education, or some other purpose, you will definitely want to consider this type of coverage. The savings that can be gained are significant. And your fellow organization members will be grateful for the additional peace of mind.

Are you an expatriate living abroad for business reasons? Or maybe you live abroad simply because you enjoy the adventure and cultural experience of staying in a new place. Regardless of why you have chosen the expat lifestyle there is a good chance that you will eventually want to take trips back to your home country. And when that desire arises, it is important that you protect yourself from unforeseen problems. That is why need expatriate travel insurance.

Just think of the many things that can go wrong when traveling abroad. There are many ways, for instance, to become ill. The area you travel to could be undergoing a case of the flu, or experiencing some other communicable illness. Or you could be struck by food poisoning or a virus of some sort. Long distance travelers are especially susceptible to illness because long flights can wear down your body and weaken your immune system.

Illness is not the only culprit which might compromise your health while traveling abroad. Injuries could strike too. Icy weather conditions could cause you to slip, fall, and hurt yourself. Or if you participate in a sport or other physical activity, you could hurt yourself while doing so. Or an auto accident might lead to injuries. Those are just a few examples of cases in which physical harm might occur during your trip.

Whether it is illness or injury, health problems could lead to hospital stays. And while traveling abroad, a hospital stay could be a very expensive problem. The insurance you rely on at home will not protect you abroad, meaning that while on a return trip to your country of birth you will have to pay full price for medical coverage, which may run into several thousands of dollars. Don't take that chance - choose the protection of expatriate travel insurance.
For many churches, spreading the word of their beliefs in their local community is only the start of their mission. They may also wish to travel to other countries and establish goodwill by sharing their message and helping build up other communities. This admirable work has long been a staple of religious groups and is only continuing to grow in popularity. However, while these trips can be fun and rewarding for the people involved, they can also be quite dangerous. For that reason, you should make sure your group is protected with expat group insurance.

There are many types of dangers involved in missionary work. Keep in mind that in general. missionaries go to underdeveloped countries or countries that have been hit hard by disasters or war. Those are the areas of the world most in need of outside assistance, and which may also be most receptive to religious messaging. But those are places which are also most inherently dangerous, with threats ranging from poor roads and infrastructure to weather conditions to political battles, just to name a few.

An expat group insurance plan will help you and your fellow missionaries get the medical treatment they need if one of these types of problems arises, and it will help you to do so at an affordable rate. By purchasing this type of insurance as a group, you can get a lower per-person rate than you would pay when buying individually. Think of it as being like the insurance your workplace provides. Everyone in the company gets a lower rate because the insurer is selling to an entire company.

When you are working overseas, it is important to have a plan like this in place, because it assures you of immediate affordable access to medical care. Without it, you could find yourself paying hundreds or even several thousand dollars for medical treatment. That is simply too great a risk to take, especially on missions where as previously mentioned there is a heightened risk for injury and illness. Talk to your group and make sure they are aware of the benefits these plans provide.
The life of an expatriate is exciting and rewarding. The chance to experience new cultures and see new places is something many people covet but very few get to experience. But in addition to the many positives that come along with the expatriate lifestyle, there are also inherent dangers. Because of this, it is very important that you find ways to protect your family's financial well-being in case something happens. The best way to assure their security is with an expatriate life insurance policy.

If you were to suddenly pass away while overseas, how would your family pay for bills going forward? They probably count on your income for significant support, and if you die then they may not be able to pay for credit cards, mortgages, car payments, utilities, and other bills. No one wants to think their family might be left in such a situation, and there are steps you can take to avoid it.

With an expatiate life insurance policy, you can purchase enough coverage to pay off their large expenses as well as small ongoing ones. It can also be used to pay for the cost of repatriating your remains if you so desire, and a funeral or other type of memorial service. Those items alone can cost families several thousand dollars. Your family may not be prepared to pay for them without the benefit of this type of coverage.

These plans can be purchased easily and inexpensively online. Doing a quick search for this type of insurance will return several different types of policies. You can then examine each to find the one which offers the best fit for you. Determine how much coverage you need and what you want to spend and you will be set,

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