• Expatriate Health Insurance Blog

  • Sunday, February 18, 2018

When you are living, or planning to live, away from your home country for an extended period time, it is important that you have expatriate health insurance. These kinds of policies are created to cover medical expenses incurred when you are away from your home country. Whether you are away for an extended period for your job, or simply and retiree soaking up the sun in a warmer climate, you will need to have medical coverage. People become ill and have accidents wherever they are and it is important to be prepared for the unexpected.

If you are away from your home country for your employer, hopefully you are covered under a group insurance policy. If you are not, it is pertinent to obtain your own individual international medical policy. This type of policy will cover you in the event that you have need of medical services, and many policies include evacuation clauses.

A majority of policies for expatriates provide global coverage. This can be especially advantageous if you frequently move or travel from country to country. This is a big difference from local coverage that covers you only within the boundaries of the country you live in. International coverage allows you to take your medical insurance with you.

As with most any health insurance, most carriers base premiums on the age, health and scope of coverage. Most offer worldwide coverage, or worldwide excluding the U.S., since U.S. health coverage is the world’s most expensive. Having expatriate health insurance is a wise decision that helps keep you healthy wherever you find yourself.

Overseas Expat Medical Insurance (limited home country cover)
Worldwide Expat Health Insurance (home country included)