• Expatriate Health Insurance Blog

  • Monday, February 19, 2018

Expats are exposed to more health risks than people living in their own country. That happens due to the increased stress of living and working abroad in different climates and overall living conditions, and travelling more often. As a result, expatriate health insurance is something that expats simply cannot neglect. Here are the features of the best insurance policies:

• Coverage for hospital accommodation, diagnostic tests, surgery, surgical fees, physician fees, therapist fees, prescription drugs, surgical appliances, prosthesis, and more.
• Coverage for a parent accommodation if an insured child must be admitted to the hospital
• Coverage for day care treatment and outpatient treatment
• Coverage for rehabilitation treatment and nursing at home if necessary
• Coverage for medical evacuation, including accommodation in case ongoing treatment is required.
• Coverage for local ambulance
• Coverage for travel expenses of a family member of an insured person in case of medical emergency or death

There are numerous other aspects you should consider when acquiring expatriate health insurance depending on your personal situation and on your specific needs.


Overseas Expat Medical Insurance (limited home country cover)
Worldwide Expat Health Insurance (home country included)