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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

Expatriate health insurance for groups is a more complex type of international health insurance. Such insurance will have to attend the needs of the group without neglecting the separate needs of the individuals. But what are the aspects you should look for in expatriate medical insurance?
• For groups, the most important aspect of international health insurance is the portability of coverage for employees who need to move or travel from one place to another.
• Medical assistance is one of the essentials of international health insurance and that is why a good insurer should grant access to a complete selection of health providers. Additionally, the insured should have the chance to choose their own health providers.
• The coverage should be handled by a global insurance company that has enough resources and extensive claims and administration management. A third party administrator is not recommended.
• A good insurance policy should have several levels of deductibles and competitive premiums.
• The coverage for the group should be extended also in the countries of origin of each individual member.
• Pre-existing conditions should be covered by group expatriate health insurance without exception.
• The policy should be customizable for high risk areas such as terrorism or war zones. Potentially hostile environments should also be included in the coverage.
• If not covered, maternity is a significant risk. That is why the female members of the group should have maternity coverage included in the policy.
• A call center available 24/7 for claims and support should also be included in a good policy. This allows for better communication, administration and availability.

As the name suggests, expatriate health insurance is the right policy that a person or family should consider when they are living and working abroad. When spending an extended time in a different country, you will experience a different culture with different habits than yours, and you need to think about the safety of your family or of yourself. It is a fact that living and working abroad improves wellbeing due to the fact that every location is possibly linked to pleasant feelings, but you must consider covering the risks of falling ill or having an accident.

An Introduction to Expatriate Health Cover
A good expatriate health insurance policy should cover medical expenses for inpatient and outpatient medical assistance, preventive care that includes vaccination and annual medical check-ups, regular and preventive check-ups for your dental health, annual check-ups for your eyes, maternity care and emergency assistance in case that you or a member or your family fall ill or suffer an accident while abroad.

Three Basic Types of Expatriate Medical Insurance
Those are some of the requirements that should be covered, but keep in mind that expatriate health insurance policies come in three “flavors”: basic, extended and premium, each with its own risks covered, so you must be informed which ones are covered by your policy. Also, remember that the country you are living or working in is considered by your insurer an area of risk simply because it is outside the boundaries of your home country.

Health Is Always Your First Priority
Choosing the best expatriate health insurance for you and your family is not something that should be ignored or not granted the proper attention. Your health and that of your family always have to come first on your priority list. No matter where you are in this world, you must be sure that your policy will be able to help you in case of unexpected and unfortunate events.

Expatriate health insurance plans for groups apply to companies that have several employees working and living abroad. These companies are exposed to huge financial consequences if their employees are not protected against the risks they are facing in a new country. Therefore, as a business, it is impossible to overlook the importance of insurance plans for expatriates in order to avoid considerable financial losses.

Choosing the Right Insurer and the Currency
Although it may sound simple, it is not easy to establish the most adequate insurance provider in this field. The temptation to use domestic plans is great, but when it comes to expatriate group insurance, a domestic insurance provider cannot effectively help you. As a result, any organization that wishes to protect its employees in another country needs to choose an insurer specialized in expatriate insurance products and are licensed to function in the respective country. Also, the currency used for payments is very important as it is always best to have payments made in a stable currency.

What to Look for in Expatriate Insurance Policies
The type of insurance plan a company chooses is very important, but it depends on many factors. In case of groups, these factors need to be analyzed carefully so that all expatriates are covered according to their individual needs. Accidental death and dismemberment, long- and short-term disability, emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, and maternity costs are all aspects that should be attended to. There are a variety of expatriate health insurance plans for groups that can serve an assortment of requirements and expectations, but attention to details is still very important.

Assuming that unfortunate things won’t happen to you is not the way to protect yourself and your family from risks. As an expatriate, the risks you are facing are higher than usual and you should never consider that the importance of expatriate health insurance is overrated. Nonetheless, you ought to pay attention to a number of aspects when you are considering overseas health insurance coverage and here are some examples:

• Geographical coverage is very important since some insurers do not cover a number of high-risk travel regions.
• Benefits that are directly related to hospitalization and benefits that are considered non-related to hospitalization
• Dental treatment and maternity benefits
• The extent of coverage for chronic conditions
• The extent of emergency evacuation coverage
• Insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions
• The list of exclusions of your expatriate health insurance
• Repatriation of remains in case you wish it to be included
• Overall medical benefits compared to similar insurance providers
• Coverage for war or terrorism related risks

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