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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

If you are traveling abroad as an expatriate, it is important for you to obtain the expat health insurance. If you will be allowed entry without medical insurance, you could wait until you have reached your new country of residence but this can signify delay of days or weeks in some cases before you can get coverage. You would have no coverage during the time you are waiting for your expat health insurance cover and if you fall sick or sustain injury as a result of an accident; it will cost you more than expected to settle the medical bills you may incur.

Treatment and prescription drugs like blood pressure tablets and asthma inhalers can be highly expensive without the expat health insurance cover. Therefore, failure to get medical insurance could add further problems to what is already a stressful moment in your life. Hence, it is recommended that you obtain the required expat health insurance cover before you arrive in your new country of residence.

Interestingly, where to get necessary guidelines on requirements is not a problem with the evolution of the internet. Therefore, you will get a wide range of information that will tell you about the type of insurance you need on the official sites of Federal and state governments. You can check out the NHS website that offers guides on healthcare in non-EU and EU countries while you are still in the United Kingdom

If you are moving to the United States of America however, you will get all the necessary information you need about expat health insurance and the country guide from the State Department website. Canada and Australia too have their own personalized guides to health insurance that will assist you in deciding the type of international or expat health insurance that will suit your need.

Despite the fact that everybody would all like to imagine that accident will never come about or continue to remain in good health, you can never predict what is around the corner. For this reason, you might want to choose a range of cover to ensure that you are covered for every short and long term eventualities.

The range of expat health insurance cover includes; maternity including pre and post natal treatment, chronic conditions like cancer, dental/optometrist treatment, emergency evacuation back to your country of origin as well as specialists/doctors visits and prescription of drugs.



The expat health insurance premeditated in particular for those people migrating from their country of abode to another country on an everlasting basis. The expat health insurance ensures that the move from one system to another is silky and as an expatriate, you are not denied medical cover you desire in your new home.

Apart from the above fact, it is mandatory for you to have adequate health insurance in place in some countries before you can be allowed to take up residency. Consequently, you may incur a heavy fine or even be denied access into those countries if it is a legal requirement for you to have expat health insurance in place, but you don’t have on your arrival.

If you fail to take out adequate expatriate health insurance, you will be charged heavily fro treatment because even the minor illness or smallest accident can be expensive overseas. Therefore, before you move abroad, make sure that you and your entire family are fully covered by the expatriate health insurance scheme. This will give you the assurance and peace of mind that you will receive adequate and best medical care, irrespective of the country you are, in the whole world and the gravity of the injury sustained in the accident or the illness.

Expat health insurance like a normal health insurance policy apart from just covering you in your own country will equally cover you for treatment in your new country of residence as soon as you arrive in that country.

There are other reasons why you need to take out expatriate health insurance policy apart from the legal aspect of entering your new country. You may likely require expat health insurance for the following reasons:
1.  There is confusion in the local healthcare system
2.  Due to language barriers, using the local healthcare system seems difficult
3.  On the other hand, if the quality of the local healthcare system of your country does not meet your requirements or it is poor, you will definitely require expat health insurance.
4.  Finally, it was discovered that quality local healthcare program may be extremely expensive, even for minor treatment or prescription drugs. Hence, the need for expat health insurance.

Expatriate health insurance provides medical cover for those people working and living abroad. More people are travelling abroad, mostly for work, and sometimes it is hard to get health insurance cover in that country. All you need is this cover and you can have peace of mind that somebody is watching out for you when you fall sick or when your existing medical conditions become worse. Life in a foreign land can be expensive in the first few months, not to mention that you could fall sick in those first few months because of weather and climate change. This cover will come in handy at these times.

Expatriate health insurance includes; maternity fees, emergency evacuation in the event that you suffer an emergency condition like a heart attack or heart failure. In the unfortunate event that you or a family member passes on, repatriation of the remains is in order and all the travel plans will be taken care of, giving you time to mourn the loss of your loved one. Other things that are covered in the medical cover are any complimentary therapies, alternative medicines, inpatient and outpatient consultancies and even special consultations.

Some expatriate insurance covers are written in such a way that, even when you move from one country to another, your cover will still be valid. You should discuss with the insurance cover provider of the possibility of moving from one country to another. The best thing with this expatriate health insurance cover is that the insured will be able to receive treatment anywhere in the world.

Expatriate health insurance is a medical insurance cover for those people who are living and working abroad. There are those who are lucky enough to be covered by their employers and so they really do not need this cover. This insurance covers the insured on existing medical conditions and others that may crop up during his stay in a foreign country.

The insured is also covered for flight charges if they need to be flown back to their country for specialized medical care. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere so the best you can do is to be prepared for it. This will ensure that you are not hit so hard when the unfortunate happens.

Before you get this insurance, make sure that you consult an expert so that you can get to know about the best insurance plans. With an expert’s advice, you are able to get the best-suited cover for your needs, meaning that you get value for your money.

A good expatriate health insurance covers you and your family for existing medical conditions and unforeseen accidents like weather disasters and motor accidents. In such a case, the insured can be able to live a peaceful life because he knows that if anything happens to him or to his family, somebody has his back. It can be terrible when something happens to you in a foreign country and you do not know where to turn to or who to ask for help. When you travel abroad, get an insurance cover and you’ll know who to contact.



For people who are going to work abroad, expatriate health insurance cover is their solution if they want to get excellent medical attention. This ensures that they will get medical care that is equal to what they would get back at home.

People traveling abroad to work are advised to get their insurance cover at home before they travel. This ensures that they will enjoy the cover even when they get back home, rather than getting their cover from the countries that they are working in and then have that cover go to waste after their assignments are over and they go back home. In fact, looking over the news, one will find many plans that are tailored to fit different needs and budgets for all people going to all expat destinations in the world.

In foreign countries, especially those that are a notch lower than where one is coming from, a person is bound to get a lower standard medical cover and that could mean imminent death. No one should die when it could have been prevented. Therefore, the best thing for people to do would be to make sure that they get expatriate health insurance.

If need be, a person can be airlifted to a medical facility in a neighboring country should they be involved in an accident. In addition, assuring your potential employer in the foreign country that you are covered would be sure to win you the job because you have taken the burden off the shoulders of the employer.

In many cases, people going to work abroad have no option because the decision of buying this insurance is already made for them. Even if it is not made for them, they should make sure that they buy it for their own benefit.

In many instances, buying expatriate health insurance is not an option for people going to work abroad. It is compulsory.


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