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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

For you as expatriate who have been living abroad for quite a long time, retiring to a place where you will be comfortable with your entire family is significant satisfaction. If you are looking for such an exciting destination therefore, Europe is a favorite destination because it is where the most amazing landscapes and spectacular beaches are located. Among the top destinations of Europe you can work or live permanently are Italy, Austria, Malta, France, Monaco, Switzerland and Spain. If you are retiring in a foreign country like Europe, you must be sure that you have enough money in your bank account to cater for your daily needs.
Living abroad for so long make most expatriates believe that they are acquitted with the culture and climate of other countries. Nonetheless, it is still advisable to research about the country you wish to stay, particularly if you have not travel to that country before. It is also important to understand more about the expatriate health insurance policies of that country, health and medical benefits as well as the cost of living among others, apart from familiarizing yourself with the culture, climate, the people and the place in general.
Switzerland as mentioned earlier is one of the top European destinations for expatriates. Switzerland is a world-renowned retirement destination for the fact that you will pay low taxes, get the most comprehensive healthcare, expatriate health insurance, attractive mountainous landscapes, transportation amenities and lakes, although this particular destination is recognized to have the most expensive cost of living.
Another country that is popular among tourist and a place for expatriates to retire is Austria that is located in Central Europe. It is an alternative to Switzerland because of its affordable standard of living. Vienna, the capital of Austria is one of the most gorgeous places in that country.
Furthermore, if you are looking to retiring in Europe as an expatriate, Italy is another attractive destination. Italy has scenic countryside, breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches. You will love staying in Italy for some living experience, if you have been living abroad working and you have sufficient time to stay in the city.
Spain on the other hand has the most astonishing beaches and magnificent hoary mountains coupled with the most perfect weather. There are equally good expatriate health insurance benefits in Italy. For many American and British retirees, Spain is the favorite retirement destination.
In the recent time however, Malta is now becoming a new favorite destination for expatriates to retire due to its tropical Mediterranean climate as well as the most attractive beaches.
As an expatriate, the list of European destinations where you can retire is exhaustive. If you cannot choose from those revealed in this article, you can carry out a research to get some other top attractions where you can retire.

A person who is permanently or temporarily residing in another country and culture different from his own country of origin is referred to as an expatriate or expat. Although there are many instances of Westerners living in other Western countries, expatriate is often used in the context of Westerners living in non-Western countries like the Australians who are residing in the United Kingdom or Britons living in Spain.
Expatriate is quite different from an immigrant and the difference between them is that, expatriates are usually temporarily placed in the host country and most of the time plan on returning to their home country, so they never adopt the culture in the host country, whereas immigrants commit themselves to becoming a part of their country of residence for the most part.
A lot see no advantage in adopting citizenship of their host countries generally, because they consider their stay as only temporary, while Europeans or North Americans living in the Middle East and Asia may marry local people and have children. Expatriates are required to live in segregated compounds, meaning that integration into their host country’s society is not an option, in countries like Saudi Arabia.
A lot of Western organizations or companies have been engaging the services of Indian experts in large numbers to work for them in their own country because India plays an increasing significant role on the world economic stage. A lot of people from other parts of the globe now work as together with their Indian counterparts. Furthermore, in order to assist in building up operations there, a growing cadre of project leaders and expatriate managers are being assigned to India at the same time.
The challenges are multi-fold when you employ an expatriate. Organizations must put into consideration how to choose the right people for specific assignment, communication issues, performance management as well as ensuring that expatriates are successfully reassigned or repatriated back to their home country at the expiration of their contract, at the tactical level. On the other hand, you are not only hiring his expertise and knowledge, but also his values, social beliefs and culture when you employ an expatriate.
Strategically and at cultural front, it is still challenging to handle expatriates issues. Consequently, Cross Cultural alteration is the solution. Therefore, legal protection should exist for expatriates from the host and the parent company.

Start your expatriate living now and stop postponing your expatriate living. However, a lot of people do postpone their initial move to travel abroad and work as expatriates due to uncertainties and personal fears. If you are the type who want to have all the unenthusiastic potentials accounted for and worked out in advance, you can be sure that this will never occur.
Despite the fact that we are still living in our present country, that approach does not in any way make sense. Thinking about everyday happenings which are taking place unexpected in our lives all the time is all we have to think about. Quite a number of these events are welcome while others have the possibility of changing our lives totally.
For example, having a car accident, losing ones job, a member of the family dies or even that the government passes new legislation that obliterates our retirement plans. Although you can prepare for all these events to some extent, but it is not possible to avoid them. Some of these events are inevitably going to happen, no matter how much you plan ahead because they are uncontrollable events.
Therefore, I do encourage you to start immediately, if you are still thinking about your expatriate living abroad. Don’t wait any longer, if you are still concerned about traveling overseas to work as an expatriate. The details of how your dream of becoming an expatriate will take care of themselves, once you have the basics in place.
As a result, go ahead and plan your trip to that destination of your choice now. Buy your tickets and book a hotel to spend one month or two in that place to enable you look over different districts and other vicinities. Doing this will make you begin to realize that life experiences you just went through have added to your acquaintance about the country as well as your ability to adapt, even though you won’t solve all of your discomfort concerning the move.
The worst thing that could happen is that you will discover that you are not in any way cut out for expatriate living. You come away convinced that you really could be happy living as an expatriate as your fears were groundless with all the uncertainties you have passed through.

Having decided to travel abroad to become an expat may force you to do away with a lot of things that are very close to your mind, heart and body. However, as your health is the most dynamic and most unpredictable part of you, its security should be inseparable from you. To ensure adequate security of your health therefore, it is imperative that whenever you are traveling abroad, you must buy international travel insurance cover that will meet your needs, budget and the duration of your stay abroad.
A good number of expat health insurance schemes may have diverse periods of time for individual policies and different types of expat health insurance. There are short term expat health insurance and long term expat health insurance.
Short Term Expatriate Health Insurance are specially tailored international travel insurance that may lack annual policy features and less expensive. It is especially recommended for expats traveling abroad for a few days or weeks. They are programs being offered by foremost insurance providers and the offer may range from 5 days to three years.
In case of injury and sickness, short term expatriate health insurance policies are excellent in providing you with medical assistance. Short term medical insurance usually covers emergency evacuation, a feature that holds essential value in life and death, irrespective of the length of the policy time frame. In other words, if you are faced with severe health condition as a policy holder, you will be evacuated to the nearest center of medical excellence for attention.
Long Term Expat Health Insurance on the other hand generally offers worldwide coverage of the least requirement of one year policy term. This type of policy is recommended for expatriates who are planning to settle in a foreign land for a very long period of time. Furthermore, the insurance plan can allow for multiple visits in a year and it can cover you in your country.
Long term expat health insurance also offers emergency evacuation to the nearest center of medical excellence in case of serious medical conditions or illness. On the other hand, Medical Travel Insurance includes additional benefits such as pre-existing coverage, maternity and preventive, although this may attract waiting period.

As individuals and families seek a new life abroad that offer better work opportunities, climates or simply the ability to reduce the geographical barriers to family members and friends, expatriating is becoming commonplace nowadays. Hence, it is now possible for expatriates moving abroad to experience a different way of life and tap into the business and work opportunities that was not given to them in their home country or where they are coming from.
Therefore, before you make the move of traveling abroad to become an expatriate, you must consider certain factors. These factors are; transportation, housing as well as adaptation to the new culture and lifestyle. On the other hand, before you travel abroad, you must also ensure that you are covered by comprehensive expatriate medical insurance policy.
For you to obtain expatriate medical insurance, you have to consult with specialist consultants from an organization whose area of specialization is medical travel insurance, as a rule of thumb. Although there are many insurance companies or agencies that are proving that they are experts in all areas of insurance, nevertheless, it is pertinent that you read their policy carefully and make sure that it is underwritten by an insurance company with experience and credentials to perform. Whether for a short break or an extended stay as in the case of an expatriate, there are medical and specialist travel providers in the business of selling specific insurance that covers the people traveling abroad.
No one can overemphasize the importance of being covered while abroad. While there are still a lot of people who still believe that insurance are luxury rather than being a necessity, those people that have travelled abroad devoid of insurance and have been left in a situation where it is not possible for them to access medical cover or insurance or cover for property will tell you otherwise. Making sure that you are adequately covered of any event is one of the major steps you should take, if you are planning to travel abroad. Ensure that you consult with a specialist agency who can offer the best cover and rates for expatriate medical insurance.

Expatriate Health Insurance – What Will It Offer? 
If you need immediate medical attention or care in your new country of residence, it is important for you to understand how your expatriate health insurance policy will help you. Immediate payment for medical services may be required by a lot of countries but have less than sufficient facilities. Therefore, it is suggested that you know the type of support that your expatriate health insurance policy will proffer to discover appropriate medical services.
However, if you are not covered under a group expatriate health program, you should buy an individual expatriate health insurance policy. Incorporated in the policy are worldwide medical protection and evacuation services. A lot of these plans have direct pay with hospitals as well as worldwide global networks. Fascinatingly, costs are sensible and affordable in many cases compared to coverage in the US.
Depending on your age, current medical history and the area of coverage, your expatriate health insurance policy will calculate premiums in general instead of on the claims history. Furthermore, expatriate health insurance policy will provide aid for the period of emergency medical situations in a foreign country. This is the most important reason why people traveling abroad for shorter periods of time may wish to buy medical policy. These policies are less expensive because they are time specific compared to annual policies, which allow the policy holder to amend the plan specifically to the accurate duration of the trip.
On the other hand, the expatriate health insurance plans are portable internationally and permits foreign nationals living abroad to move gracefully from a country to another without no-cover period. This is one thing that makes expatriate health insurance plan different from local plans and what also makes it attractive to a lot of individuals. Even though there are a lot of policies that covers treatments while in your home country, your expatriate health insurance will not cover you once you have returned back to your home country.
However, many expatriate health insurance policies will also allow you to be evacuated to the nearest center for medical excellence as the policyholder in the event of serious injury, when it is also possible to get repatriation coverage.


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