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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

Health Insurance- Who’s Eligible for Obamacare?
As April 2014 approaches the new healthcare law reforms that were enacted by our current president will take effect. So this section covers who will be eligible for the reduced rates in insurance that are going to supposedly occur through Obamacare. If you are actually eligible for Obamacare you can see a greatly reduced bill when it comes to purchasing your healthcare insurance for yourself or for your whole family.
The biggest groups who will see a benefit from Obamacare will be those individuals right now who are struggling, which used to be the middleclass population. Individuals can get reduced rates and tax credits back even if they do not qualify for the government Medicaid program now. In other words this means you will be getting a boosting hand in order to help you pay for the costs of health insurance. This part of Obamacare does not come into effect until 2014 sometime.
The other part of Obamacare that will help families and individuals who are struggling is the fact that they will now be opening health insurance exchanges in 2014. This means that your health insurance might come from a different state that has lower health insurance rates than your state currently provides to the residents. You can even apply for Medicaid through the healthcare exchange in 2014. This means that many people will now be able to afford health insurance where before they could not because a basic plan costs an individual approximately 300 minimum in some states. This is a hard number to pay when an individual only makes 20k a year or 10.25 hourly on part time status jobs. This is the fastest growing number of jobs available to the public now days.
In sum this means that everyone in one way or another will benefit from lower rates except the rich people in America. They will still get a tax credit and not be taxed from having health insurance on their own. The old middleclass will eventually appreciate this change when it occurs in 2014.

Health insurance will be mandatory and there could be hefty fines if you do not have any coverage. So now is the time to do the legwork on the research of finding about insurance at a reasonable rate and that meets your individual or family needs. The most important people that will be affected by the law change regarding health insurance include the self-employed, the part time workers whose jobs do not offer health insurance, the full time people who are barely managing without health insurance and college students over the age of 25. These are the main groups will be directly impacted with the thousand or so dollar fine for not having coverage. Expatriate health insurance can help you find the right coverage in your budgetary needs.

Depending on the state where you reside costs for health insurance may be lower or higher than in other states. So you should shop carefully or inquire to your employer about what types of health insurance they are carrying or will be carrying if they offer full time positions. The law is only valid for those companies who have full time employees for some reason but it still requires that every individual obtain health insurance by April 2014. What this means for you is that if your company does not offer full time positions you should look for health insurance on your own time and dollar. If your company does offer full time positions then you might find that they are more reasonable priced since they more than likely contribute to your health insurance premiums.
Expatriate health insurance can help you find the right coverage in your budgetary needs. Even if expatriate is not right the company for you there is many other companies who are willing to help you find health insurance. Some of these companies offer a search on health insurance companies which give you multiple quotes.

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