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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Beware of the few important factors before signing your agreement!

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Those expatriates, who do not have any relatives or personal guidance to help them through being an expat, and a proper one, should have a read of the article below. There are few important units that need consideration before signing a contract for expatriate, and some of these are discussed below.
First of all, you need to see whether the employment issue is cleared enough, and is written down according to your requirements put forward. The emphasis should be on the mutually agreed job description in your new homeland, the hours of work as well as the place of your concern, any condition for overtime working and entitlement you may receive after a certain amount of work. You must also clear your pay, for the casually said amount in interview often turns into denial. Next basic necessity to be properly considered is the accommodation you plan to dwell in with your family. However, you should not be satisfied with the wordings on the contract. Find out if it is an apartment, a shared house, a compound or any other important association with it. Also make sure you know the rent before-hand, along with any local tax you have to pay, or any insurance policy you might get. Some accommodation in foreign countries is used to fool the expats into getting one-year advance rent. These issues must be cleared before you sign at the bottom.
Moreover, your health comes as the next most necessary matter on the list. You must find out whether your new employer covers all medical expenses in his insurance policy. When the policy does starts and expires? Is your family covered in the plan if they go along with you on a business trip? Does it cover the expenses out of working hours? However, it is wiser to get a personal health insurance program, because an expat is likely to get fooled in the start.
These are few of the many factors to take into account. Keep reading for more!

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