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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Church Missionaries Save with Expatriate Group Insurance

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Participating as a church missionary is a truly noble and worthy cause. Missionaries feel a deep drive to serve others, and to spread the word of the religion which has strongly influenced their lives. They feel that participating in missions is the best way to accomplish that. However, while missions are admirable causes to engage in, they are not without danger. Because of that, anyone participating in a mission should make sure they have the sort of affordable medical care that expat group insurance provides.

Missionaries often find themselves in third world countries and areas where natural disasters have recently struck. This poses a number of challenges to one's health. Water quality may not be high. Airborne viruses may be prevalent. Infrastructure may be lacking, and buildings may not be structurally sounds. These are just a few examples of problems that could cause threats to your health while participating in a mission.

You may have a great insurance plan in your home country that your employer provides, but in most cases that will not help you while on a mission. That is because most insurance plans have various network restrictions and other clauses that make them only acceptable in the country in which they are issued. So you will not be able to use these while traveling for missionary purposes.

However, you can still access medical coverage when you need it at a great price. Expat group insurance works in a similar fashion to your employer's plan - by getting many people from your mission to buy coverage together, you can each get lower individual plan prices. That will save you a great deal on premiums, and it gives you the sort of protection that will allow you to save money if a medical issue pops up. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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