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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Confused Expatriates Rush to Buy Expatriate Health Insurance in Turkey

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American and British expatriates living in Turkey were recently in a rush to get themselves an expatriate health insurance policy. This is because of a new law in the country, requiring them to register and pay for a health insurance.

If an expatriate is unable to comply with this requirement, he will then be fined with more or less $500. Confused Britons and Americans sent their respective consulates with emails regarding the process of registration or if there might be a way to avail of an exemption.

Those expatriates who already have an expatriate health insurance from a private provider are also asking if they still need to register and pay for the health insurance provided by the government. There were also those who went straight to a near Social Security office to have themselves registered.

The confusion resulted in long hours and long lines of expatriates in Social Security offices. Office workers who did not know about the expatriate health insurance and registration requirement either also added to the confusion that was already happening in these offices.

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