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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Consider Expat Group Insurance for Your Company’s Global Expansion

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For many companies, expanding their business abroad is a primary goal for the near future. There are many reasons that global expansion is appealing, and many things a company must do to make that transition a successful one. Because global expansion is an expensive and intensive endeavor, it is imperative that you execute it smoothly. With that in mind, you should make an expat group insurance policy a primary part of your overseas planning.

Overseas expansion offers many appealing benefits for companies. For one, it can lower costs. If you ship a lot of goods to a specific country, establishing a factory there can cut those costs dramatically, adding to your profits. Or you may find that the cost of labor overseas is cheaper than join your country, also offering you a way to cut costs.Or perhaps setting up an overseas office will allow you to more aggressively pursue sales and revenue in those markets.

No matter your reason for expanding overseas, you will no doubt have a long list of things to take care of when making the leap. Where will the office be located? Will the office be focused on sales, manufacturing, or something else? Will you be bringing employees from your country, hiring from the new country, or doing both? If they are coming from your country, then a group expat insurance policy would be a wise investment.

With this type of insurance, a company can save substantial amounts of money on the costs of insuring its employees. Rather than purchase coverage for each employee, buying at a group rate provides a volume discount for all. This makes it cheaper and more convenient for both the employee and the employer. Therefore it is a solution you will want to give careful thought too during the expansion process.

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