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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Expatriate Group Insurance is Perfect for Church Missionaries

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For many people, there is no greater duty in life than to take the message of their religion to another country and share the thoughts that bring joy to them with a new audience. Devoting your life to missionary work in foreign countries means putting your message ahead of material interests. But even though making money is not at the top of mind for missionaries, that does not mean they do not still have financial responsibilities to protect. One way to protect yourself financially while living abroad on a mission is with expatriate group insurance.

Missionaries are as susceptible to illness and injury as any other traveler. In fact, perhaps more so, as their mission often takes them to underdeveloped countries where the quality of water and air are low and communicable diseases more prevalent. And missionaries do not make much money, so paying for medical coverage is not an easy task if there is no insurance coverage to reduce the costs.

With an expatriate group insurance plan, a group of missionaries can band together to get a lower individual rate. This is similar to an employer offering group health coverage to their employees at a cheaper rate than they could purchase individually. Buying insurance in bulk allows for tremendous cost savings, and this type of insurance is especially helpful to church members.

Church groups may have very limited financial means to begin with, so being able to reduce the costs of a necessary expense is quite helpful. In fact, this type of insurance saves missionaries money in two ways; by buying as a group, they save in comparison to what they would pay individually, and if they need to use the coverage, they will save in relation to what they would pay for health care with no insurance coverage. It is the type of small investment that is perfectly suited for these groups. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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