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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Expatriate Health Insurance – A Must-Have for People Working Overseas

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People who live in foreign countries, as either residents or non-residents, need expatriate health insurance coverage. It is good for people who are there for a specified period. This is good insurance cover for them because it can be an uphill task to get insurance cover for you and for your family when you are working in foreign land.

Expatriate health insurance is suitable for those who work overseas because their employer’s insurance covers in their country of origin may not cover them when they are out of the country. It is possible that in the country they are working in, it is hard for them to get a comprehensive medical cover. The only option they are left with is the expatriate health cover.

This health cover should include all you family members traveling with you overseas where you will be working. Note that in many countries, you will not be allowed to work if you are not covered by this type of health insurance. Many employers do not want to shoulder the responsibility of your health when you are working for them.

This policy covers all your medical expenses in the foreign country and even if you are to be flown back to your home country, the insurance cover provides for transport home. It also covers for meals, accommodation and even phone calls. You should clarify with the insurer whether some medical conditions, like pregnancy complications and giving birth is covered by the policy. Expatriate health insurance also covers the transport costs of your family members if they pay you a visit when you are in the hospital.

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