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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Expatriate Health Insurance and Preexisting Conditions

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Ten years ago, it would have been inconceivable that expatriate health insurance companies would cover pre-existing conditions. Nowadays, people can benefit from insurance coverage in this respect. It is also true that not all insurance providers would take the risk of protecting a policyholder against conditions that he or she is known to suffer from.

Not only did insurance companies not cover preexisting medical conditions, but they did not cover any other medical condition that may have been related to or triggered by it. Therefore, high blood pressure would cause additional exclusions for angina, heart attacks, strokes, or thrombosis, for example. This vicious circle continued even if the condition was kept under control with medication.

When you travel in a foreign country and you make your home there and your workplace, you become an expatriate. But being an expatriate does not make you immune to illness. In fact, on the contrary, the new living circumstances may aggravate your existing conditions or may trigger new attacks. In this case, expatriates need to pay even more attention to how they choose their health insurance and to the inclusions and exclusions of the policy.

Although pre-existing medical conditions will probably determine a higher premium on your expatriate health insurance, it is recommended that people get covered given the physical and emotional stress that they are exposed to when living in a new environment. As an expatriate, you have to keep in mind that your health insurance premiums are not necessarily high due to your pre-existing medical conditions. Other factors influence insurance premiums, including healthcare costs in the new country you are moving to.

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