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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Learn the Risks of Skipping Expat Travel Insurance

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As you are preparing to take the big step of living life as an expatriate, there are quite a few things you will need to do to prepare. One of the most critical of those is to purchase expat travel insurance. Unfortunately, many first-time expats think they can bypass this simple step and save a few dollars. What they do not realize is how dangerous that can be. In fact, their desire to save a few dollars may cost them many more in the long run.

"I am young and healthy, there's no way I'd need expat travel insurance." "That is really just for people who are in flight and auto accidents, and those happen to infrequently for me to worry about." "I have to worry about my living expenses first, so I just can't afford to buy insurance." "I do not travel more than once or twice a year, so I don't need it.": Those are all excuses that are given for not buying this type of insurance, and they are all misconceptions. An accident or illness can occur at any time. Even if you only travel from your expat home to another country once per year, something could happen during that trip.

And if it does, you will be forced to pay the full price of your medical coverage when obtaining treatment in another country. Even though you may have a great insurance plan in the country in which you are living, that coverage will not extend to countries you visit unless it has a specific travel component written into it. That makes traveling without the protection this type of policy offers a truly risky proposition.

Did you know that the cost of getting even the most basic medical attention without insurance can cost you hundreds of dollars? That would include a simple doctor's office visit and perhaps a prescription medication. And more expensive procedures, like surgeries, multiple-day hospital stays, or lengthy emergency room visits will cost you several thousand. That is the true cost of foregoing this type of insurance. Are you truly prepare to risk incurring such significant expenses just to save a few dollars now? You must ask yourself that before choosing to skip expat coverage. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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