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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Missionary Groups Can Maximize Safety with Expat Group Insurance

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For many churches, spreading the word of their beliefs in their local community is only the start of their mission. They may also wish to travel to other countries and establish goodwill by sharing their message and helping build up other communities. This admirable work has long been a staple of religious groups and is only continuing to grow in popularity. However, while these trips can be fun and rewarding for the people involved, they can also be quite dangerous. For that reason, you should make sure your group is protected with expat group insurance.

There are many types of dangers involved in missionary work. Keep in mind that in general. missionaries go to underdeveloped countries or countries that have been hit hard by disasters or war. Those are the areas of the world most in need of outside assistance, and which may also be most receptive to religious messaging. But those are places which are also most inherently dangerous, with threats ranging from poor roads and infrastructure to weather conditions to political battles, just to name a few.

An expat group insurance plan will help you and your fellow missionaries get the medical treatment they need if one of these types of problems arises, and it will help you to do so at an affordable rate. By purchasing this type of insurance as a group, you can get a lower per-person rate than you would pay when buying individually. Think of it as being like the insurance your workplace provides. Everyone in the company gets a lower rate because the insurer is selling to an entire company.

When you are working overseas, it is important to have a plan like this in place, because it assures you of immediate affordable access to medical care. Without it, you could find yourself paying hundreds or even several thousand dollars for medical treatment. That is simply too great a risk to take, especially on missions where as previously mentioned there is a heightened risk for injury and illness. Talk to your group and make sure they are aware of the benefits these plans provide. Commenting is not available in this channel entry.

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