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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Quality Healthcare Away From Home

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Expats on assignment rarely receive the same types of benefits a local employee has. As they are usually not required to contribute to government-mandated benefits, there is nothing much to give back to them when they transfer or leave the company. With this, the expatriate health insurance compensates for whatever benefits local employees are entitled to. This includes, but is not limited to the following – expatriate travel insurance, expatriate group insurance, and expatriate life insurance.

More often than not, the monthly premium for medical or life insurance is generally lower for expats than locals. For expats assigned in the US, the rates are lower for them as the US has the most expensive medical care in the world. When applying for the insurance, there is an option given as to what area the plan covers: worldwide or worldwide excluding the US.

On the other hand, most companies who send employees on expat assignment already design their benefits in such a way that there is minimal interruption when moving in and out of the country. Most companies take pride on how they take care of their expats as a means to attract more talent. Ensuring that healthcare is still accessible yet cheap, regardless of where one is currently working, is a selling point of any company.

Accessibility to quality, yet low-cost health care is the focus of expatriate insurance. Ensure to that you have the best expat health insurance plan available to give you the best possible options for expats as you work away from home.

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