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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • The rest of the factors to consider before signing the expat employment contract.

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Continuing from the last post, being an expat is a huge step that can either go right, or wrong. That said, I do not mean the entire expatriate process shall cancel and you will have to pay fine for careless steps, but rather the reckless moves can turn out to be severely problematic for you and your family. Hence, keep in mind it’s you who is leaving behind property, job, relatives and other possessions, to settle abroad, therefore any mishap will indirectly be your own loss. Have a look at the other few most important factors to consider when becoming an expat.
Usually, the companies and authorities processing your work provide a transport system for you. However, while all of them are considerably generous to an expat employee, you must make sure in the contract if the transport provided is permanent, can be used outside working hours, can be used for family trips, and if the family is covered for the expenses if they drive the car. Many authorities usually provide vehicle for working hours alone, hence check that out and fight to make amendments.
Next, make sure you write the correct marital status, meaning if you write single, it means it’s you who first settles abroad and then join with family, while getting married there or bringing along wife to start a family in the new homeland is the other option. Hence, you must be aware of the facilities provided by the country for education of children, whether the family members can work too and the insurance plan suitable to the type of home you intend to have. Lastly, you must also make certain that the contract you are about to sign clearly says the days per year for your work, and the pay per day. Also, if that pay includes the flights, in and out, along with tax and national holidays included.
The salaries, relocation and tax are some of the other factors to take into account before putting your signature on the expat employment contract.

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