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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Think twice for your own children’s sake!

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Moving abroad, for work or for settling will undeniably bring about some changes, which necessarily are not positive. Expats, which means those folks who leave their home country to live somewhere foreign, are sometimes a single individual or a family. In case of family expats, the children are most affected by this flying over to a new land. Some of these problems, especially those inflicted on the young minds are discussed as below.
First of all, with leaving a familiar environment, the children and young teenagers are often stressed over their departure from school friends, any pet they loved and about their parents. The stress is unhealthy, and is often lasting with little chances to immediate cure. It hinders their ability to work properly as they have their minds off back to their homeland, hence damaging the studies. Moreover, a sudden expatriate also results in no proper ‘goodbye” to the friends and relatives, which leaves behind traces of desolation that may affect the working of the mind and the energy level of the child, thereby affecting their future. Also, in times of such departures and sudden planning, the human is in a turmoil of emotions that not only affects the caliber of the individual, but also makes various children physically sick. That is the end point of so much stress and emotional pressure. For an expat, if he is a student, re-enrolling of the kids back to a new school in the middle of a semester, a s it usually happens, leave the child in extra pressure of studies to match the pace. Their curriculum activities are damaged, and their motivation also evaporates. The children find it difficult to cope with such a sudden change, and the load of studies in addition to loss of friends and comfort of the home, leaves them behind depressed and emotionally suppressed. They are on a roller-coaster that they find difficult to get rid of. Hence, think twice about your children before you plan to move suddenly, in temptation of higher wages.

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