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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • Types of Expatriate Health Insurance

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The name of the expatriate health insurance is very suggestive as it provides instant information as to what it is. Indeed, health insurance for expatriates is providing financial protection, particularly designed for expatriates or people who live or work abroad.

Expat travel insurance is a widespread type of policy among expats since they are frequent travelers. The policy does not insure strictly luggage or flight cancellation coverage, but any other potential health risks including winter sports, emergency medical assistance and evacuation and much more.

Term life insurance policies are also very popular since expatriates are the major income providers for their families. Term life insurance can come in various forms but those for expatriates are particularly designed to meet their specific needs.

Income replacement expatriate health insurance is a third option for expatriates who wish to make certain that they are financially covered in case of accidental deaths, permanent disabilities or temporary deprivation of income. It is an important type of policy and again it should be thoroughly studied.



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