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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • What to Consider in Expatriate Health Insurance

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Expatriate health insurance is an insurance policy geared towards people who spend more than just their holidays outside the borders of their country. There are many factors that can influence this type of insurance and here are some of the essential ones:
• Personal Needs and Expectations. People become expatriates for various reasons. Depending on those reasons, the health insurance for expatriate people will be different. There are expat insurance policies for international students, freelancers, soldiers, or for people who are working sent by their employers.
• The Health Insurance System in the New Country. More developed countries allow expats to pay monthly contributions to the healthcare system and thus get coverage for certain health services similar to what a citizen of that country would. But that is not the case in less developed countries.
• Current State of Health. Naturally, the premium for your expat health insurance will be lower if you are healthy and fit. But, if you suffer from pre-existing conditions, your health insurance premium will be higher.
• Insurance Level. Insurance providers do not offer a universal coverage plan for all expatriates. They have different insurance levels and each level means a particular coverage level and also a certain premium amount. Depending on health condition, money situation, and health system, you can choose the most suitable level for your health insurance.
• Material Situation. Again, this is an important element. Expatriate health insurance has a certain level of deductibles. The higher the amount of deductible, the lower the premium will be. If your earnings and overall money situation allows you, you can choose an insurance with higher deductibles.


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