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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • What to Look For In Group Expatriate Health Insurance

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Expatriate health insurance for groups is a more complex type of international health insurance. Such insurance will have to attend the needs of the group without neglecting the separate needs of the individuals. But what are the aspects you should look for in expatriate medical insurance?
• For groups, the most important aspect of international health insurance is the portability of coverage for employees who need to move or travel from one place to another.
• Medical assistance is one of the essentials of international health insurance and that is why a good insurer should grant access to a complete selection of health providers. Additionally, the insured should have the chance to choose their own health providers.
• The coverage should be handled by a global insurance company that has enough resources and extensive claims and administration management. A third party administrator is not recommended.
• A good insurance policy should have several levels of deductibles and competitive premiums.
• The coverage for the group should be extended also in the countries of origin of each individual member.
• Pre-existing conditions should be covered by group expatriate health insurance without exception.
• The policy should be customizable for high risk areas such as terrorism or war zones. Potentially hostile environments should also be included in the coverage.
• If not covered, maternity is a significant risk. That is why the female members of the group should have maternity coverage included in the policy.
• A call center available 24/7 for claims and support should also be included in a good policy. This allows for better communication, administration and availability.

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