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  • Monday, February 19, 2018

  • When Should I Consider Expat Group Insurance?

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Are you part of an organization that sends members overseas for a period of time? If so, what are you doing to ensure that not only is their health protected, but their financial well-being is as well? Without the right insurance, even a simple injury or illness could lead to serious financial repercussions. But with the right insurance, such as an expat group insurance plan, you can offer them superior protection. When should your organization consider this type of insurance?

Churches sending missionaries overseas will often find that expat group insurance plans are wise investments. Missions frequently take place in areas where there is elevated potential for danger as well as heightened risk of illness. With this type of insurance, individual missionaries will be able to get the treatment they need at an affordable rate. And the premium they pay for the policy will be much lower than if they purchased a plan on their own.

Of course nonprofits are not the only types of groups that can benefit. Overseas expansion continues to be a goal for many businesses. As such, they may send employees overseas to establish a new office. Or they may send them abroad for training purposes, or to develop relationships with potential clients. These trips may last several months, making it critical to have insurance since anything can happen during that long of a time frame.

Basically, if you have a group of employees, colleagues, or group members that will be heading overseas for work, missions, training, education, or some other purpose, you will definitely want to consider this type of coverage. The savings that can be gained are significant. And your fellow organization members will be grateful for the additional peace of mind.

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