Expat Group Insurance

We provide group expat health insurance options for church groups, medical groups, students and employees who are travelling overseas.  Our group expat plans provide valuable emergency insurance coverage for medical services related to a sudden illness or injury during the trip.  When partnered with Trip Cancellation Benefits, the plans also include Travel Guard’s Group Protection, protecting the cost of the trip in the event of a cancellation or interruption.  Protecting any payments and deposits already made on the trip is important, and nothing protects your investment more than Trip Cancellation Benefits. 


Group Employers Option

  • $1 to $8 Million Coverage
  • US Residents limited to 20% of group size
  • Very Cost Effective


HTH Global HealthGuard

  • Customizable Coverage
  • No max limit on US Residents
  • HIPPA Compliant

The group plans that we offer provide expat employees group insurance plans and other affordable group plans that can be tailored to meet the needs of many types of travelers.  Each plan is underwritten by reputable insurance companies located in the US who offer some of the most affordable and valuable coverage available today. Your group can travel safely with group expat insurance that provides important emergency coverage and Trip Cancellation Benefits.  Protect your group before leaving for an exciting destination by selecting a policy that offers emergency medical coverage and trip assistance for all group members, for the duration of the trip.

Group Expat Health Insurance – Eligibility

Most group plans require that a minimum of five individuals be insured.  To be eligible for a group expat health insurance plan, the member must be a participant of a tour or expedition.  This often includes missionaries, student groups, corporate groups and other organizations.  Some plans offer limited benefits to members over 70, and many have residency requirements if Trip Cancellation benefits are added to the plan.

Group Expat Insurance – Coverage

Group expat insurance plans offer emergency coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, surgery and injuries.  Plans include travel assistance, coverage for emergency evacuations and repatriation, and other emergency services.  Other benefits include coverage for personal items needed during a baggage delay or loss, and for travel delays, those unexpected delays in flights and lodging that can come up when groups are travelling overseas. 

Group Trip Cancellation Insurance – Enrollment

Group Trip Cancellation insurance plans reimburse non-refundable costs in the event that you have to cancel your trip (as long as the reason is covered by the plan).  Some group expat plans also cover trip interruptions, for situations which require you to return home before your scheduled departure date.

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