Expat Travel Insurance

Expatriate health insurance and expatriate medical insurance plans offer a wide variety of benefits for overseas travelers, including coverage for medical expenses, medical evacuations, trip cancellation and trip interruption.  We offer two levels of expatriate insurance plans, those with trip cancellation benefits and those without.  With trip cancellation coverage, the plan will reimburse covered travelers for the cost of non refundable airline tickets and cruise and resort reservations when the trip can’t be completed due to illness or any one of the other covered reasons.

Worldwide Expat Travel Insurance (home country included)
Overseas Expat Travel Insurance (limited home country cover)

Travel Insurance Without Trip Cancellation Benefits

Expatriate travel medical insurance that doesn’t include trip cancellation benefits is designed to cover expenses that are the result of an illness or injury sustained while traveling overseas.  Benefits include coverage for hospital stays, outpatient doctor visits, medical evacuation and repatriation (the return of mortal remains if the traveler passes away during the trip).
These plans are well-suited for those whose primary concern is being covered for medical bills and evacuations while traveling abroad.  They are specifically designed for foreign citizens visiting the US, and for US citizens who are traveling overseas, by companies who have a high level of experience with international health care insurance.

Travel Insurance With Trip Cancellation Benefits

When expatriate medical insurance includes trip cancellation benefits, any loss in non-refundable payments already made on a trip are covered if the trip has to be canceled due to an emergency or illness.  Covered reasons for trip cancellation include an accident or injury to the traveler, traveling companion or family member, or cancellation due to an act of terrorism, a hurricane or natural disaster.

Travelers Medical Insurance - Top US Insurance Companies

We offer expatriate insurance from some of the country’s most highly rated insurance companies.  We provide expatriate travel medical insurance plans that are underwritten by insurance carriers who have strong A.M. ratings.  Included in our portfolio of insurance companies is Lloyds, AIG, and Nationwide.

Expatriate Health Insurance - Easy Access to Coverage

Expatriate travel insurance can be purchased by check, money order, credit card or money transfer.  Enrollment can be completed online, offering instant access to ID cards and policy certificates.

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