Why should I purchase insurance through International Services?

A valid question indeed! Here is why we think you should, your personal experience will validate it.

International Services represents the customer

We work with a variety of repured insurance providers (Only those with A and A++ ratings) to give you the widest choice of available policies. Your choice is not limited since we are not tied to any one provider or policy. Our product specialists will help you find the visitor insurance policy that meets your requirements best.

International Services empowers the customer

Our services aim to empower ‘you’ the customer to make an informed choice, with all the relevant information in your hands. There are lots of details pertaining to each policy and this can be confusing to many customers. Our friendly compare engine makes it easy for you to compare the insurance pol

Interact With Us

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Overseas Expat Medical Insurance (limited home country cover)
Worldwide Expat Health Insurance (home country included)